Terms & Conditions

Booking a recording session
Session bookings, times and dates are subject to availability via our online Booking System (destylezbooking@gmail.com) or in Studio.

Deposit / Payment
A deposit is required to confirm online bookings. This payment needs to be made 24 hours or earlier before your session to confirm your scheduled booking. This deposit is non-refundable or transferable. The remainder of the bill is paid in full on the day of the recording. Payment can be made with cash or debit card, in studio only. It is the responsibility of the client / artist to cover the cost of each session in full, either in advance or on the day of the session. Failure to produce full payment will result in the studio withholding session time, all copies of recordings, masters or session files until all fees have been paid and funds have cleared. You must pay for the full amount of hours you book; it’s not our responsibility to manage your studio time. If the recording session is broken up over a period of time (8 hrs +), payment will be required either in advance or in instalments to cover time that has been used. Additional fee may apply for any late payments. De Stylez Studio Mix© Management reserves the right to implement these payment terms where applicable.


In order for the studio to function, it requires dependable booking times.
24 hours’ notice is required for the cancellation of a session; If you cancel with less than 24 hours before your booking time, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 20%. This 20% will be paid direct from your deposit. Any remaining monies / balance you have paid will then be refunded. Full payment will be required to book any further sessions. No Call/No shows that have paid deposit will result in loss of monies and studio time. Cancellations, as a result of adverse conditions such as weather or unexpected events can / will be rescheduled. This is at the discretion of De Stylez Studio Mix© Management.
Personal items / Lost property
Please make sure that you do not leave personal items unattended and ensure that you take all your belongings with you when you leave. De Stylez Studio Mix© is not responsible for any personal items that are lost or damaged on the premises.

Clients are allowed a maximum of 5 guests during the recording sessions. If you require more guests please get in touch with our management. De Stylez Studio Mix© must be given 24-hour notice when requesting additional guest & apply. Clients must get approval from De Stylez Studio Mix© Management prior to showing up with an additional guest.


Smoking is NOT permitted anywhere inside the De Stylez Studio Mix complex. If you leave the premises to smoke, please ensure that you are a safe distance from the studio and that your cigarette is disposed of appropriately.


Food / Drink
Food & Drink are not permitted in the studio; however, De Stylez Studio Mix© has an excellent range of Food and Beverages in our Coffee Lounge. Please help us to keep the studio tidy by placing any rubbish in the trash bins provided.


Studio Hours
Typical recording booking times at De Stylez Studio Mix© are Monday-Friday, 9am - 2pm closing. There will be occasional breaks and one hour (not charged) for lunch during a full day session (8 Hour sessions). Saturday is subject to availability.
Start / End Session Time
The session clock begins at the scheduled session start time. If you arrive early and the studio can accommodate an early start, then the session clock will begin at that earlier start time. If you are late for your session you will be charged from the scheduled session start time, with no exceptions. And please call if you are going to be late.


Use of our Studio Equipment
If a Client / Artist wishes to use De Stylez Studio Mix© equipment; Microphone/s, Keyboard/s, Guitar/s, Amplifier/s, Mixer/s, you are free to do so at no extra charge under the supervision of De Stylez management. The Client / Artist will be held accountable for any damages to our equipment. Please respect our gear.

Clients / Artist are not permitted to use our Technician’s PC / iMac / MacBook or producing equipment unless given approval from De Stylez Studio Mix© Management.

Gear Damaged Due to Wilful or Accidental Negligence
If the client or anyone part of your group breaks or damages anything owned by De Stylez Studio Mix©, you agree to pay for the full replacement of that item. This includes Microphones, Keyboards, Electric Guitars, Headphones, Leads, Amplifiers, Mixers, Guitars etc.


Bringing in your own equipment.
If you choose to bring in your own equipment that is fine, but please let us know what you like to bring in during your booking session. This will help management organise your room setup for your booking time. There may be certain reasons why a specific equipment may or may not be able to be used in our studio, so please get in touch first before booking your session.


Studio Downtime
If the studio should suffer any failure due to forces of nature, or certain circumstances, we agree to re-schedule studio time with you at an agreeable time for both parties. If the recording system should fail during your session and loss of data is a result, you will receive equivalent time at no charge to make up for such loss.


Privacy / Rights
You authorize De Stylez Studio Mix© permission to use all Recordings / Mixings, Name/s, Audio & Visual made by you (Individual or Group), for any Promotional and/or Advertising media purposes.

Mixes, Daily Rough Mixes / Master Tracks
Official copies of the finished mixes are provided on a USB flash drive that we can provide, or you are welcome to bring in your own. Prefer Blank Minimum 1GB. All customer flash drive’s will be checked for viruses and malicious software. (As our software will remove anything that maybe think is malicious, we recommend you bring in a blank flash drive or a flash drive with no important data on it. (We will not be held accountable for any data lost from your flash drive. Any device found with any results from our software will need to be formatted before used or you can purchase one from us.
All mix downs will be transferred as a .WAV format unless stated otherwise. A rough mix may be provided for the day’s work. These mixes are intended for reference of the day’s work only and not to be considered a production mix.

An important note from us:  If your session tracks are very important to you and you must have an archive of them, we highly recommend to copy them to another device and keep one in a safe secure place and the second at a different location.

Checklist, Preparing & Recording Tips
•    Be prepared and in studio at-least 15 minutes earlier. We have an area reserved near the studio for you. Or come on in earlier and    enjoy our menu from our DS coffee lounge. The earlier the better.

•    Bring your instrumental, or backing track via USB or have a download link ready.

•    We have USB Flash drives in studio you can purchase or you can bring in your own Flash drive. Please read our terms regarding USB flash drives.

•    Bring in your notes / lyrics if needed.

•    If bringing in personal equipment don’t forget your leads and/or cables that may be needed. Our leads are provided for use on our equipment only. You can purchase leads if needed.

•    If bringing in multiple devices that need multiple power outlets, please bring in your own 4-6 power adapter. We may have one in studio but be mindful that you may need to bring in your own depending on your setup.

•    Drink plenty of water. Always good to stay hydrated.

•    Please be respectful and mindful of others that are in the building.


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