" De Stylez Studio Mix / Cafe "

De Stylez Studio Mix is a Whanau Business, an idea thought by whanau members to make a difference
for someone to record without having to compete with big Recording Companies.

d e   E N T E R T A I N M E N T

De Stylez Studio Mix has hosted,  numerous, amazing events & functions,
with the privilege of recording some AMAZING talented Artist's.

All Genre's of music, to all types of Artist's around New Zealand.

Live Bands, Art Festivals, Waiata Wednesdays, Band Collaborations,
are just a fraction of events we like to share.

If you like to perform at one of our events, please get in contact with us,

as we are always keen to collab and connect with more talented artist's like yourself.

De Stylez Studio Mix
Coffee lounge / Recording Studio

Have a poem to say?
A story to share?
A rhyme to show the world?
Birthdays, Anniversaries, Farewells..
Record on your own or with a Friend..

"You #SoundIt, We'll #RecordIt"

Relax in our Coffee Lounge and try something from
our delicious menu.

De Chowder .. Deluxe Sandwich / Toasted ..
Fresh Muffins / Scone .. Chicken Tenders ..
Our go big with our Aoteroa Breakfast Meals ..

#GreatKai #GreatVibes

in the H E A R T of   H A M I L T O N


De Stylez Studio Mix is a Recording Studio / Cafe Lounge
Blended together to create a New, Fresh and Exciting environment for you to relax in.


What De Stylez Studio Mix can do for you?
Have a poem to say? a story to share? a rhyme you want to show to the world?

Make a recording for a loved one, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Farewells..

Record by yourself or with a friend, family, work colleagues..

"You #SoundIt, We'll #RecordIt"

Not only do we have our own Recording Studio, but we are a
fully licenced Cafe for you to relax and enjoy in.

Check out our Facebook page for Daily Specials and Promos.


#GreatKai #GreatVibes

Due to the Covid-19 Outbreak we are currently CLOSED.


C O N T A C T    U S

.. Interested in booking with us? Please get in touch below ..

07 839 2391



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54 Collingwood Street, Hamilton
Corner of Anglesea St & Collingwood Street

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